Travel Tryouts


2020-21 Travel Tryouts have concluded

There may be room on some teams!

Please contact our Director of Competitive Soccer, Jesse Myers, at for more information!


(Dates, times, and locations are subject to change.)

All volunteers/coaches will be submitted to NYSWYSA for a Risk Management background check.

Lakefront SC is not responsible for cancellations due to Acts of God or circumstances beyond our control.


Travel Coaches

Travel Coaches - Boys 2020-21

B09U Blue - Owen Ledermann
B09U Green - Joseph Mercik
B10U Blue - Anne Smith
B10U Green - James Lynch
B11U Blue - James Chase
B11U Green - Jesse Myers
B12U Blue - Charles Cipolla
B12U Green - Joshua Talbot
B13U Blue - Mark DuPont
B14U Blue - Matthew Borrelli
B14U Green - Dan Leonard
B15U Blue - Bill McKee
B15U Green - Kyle DeBrine
B17U Blue - Ron Barbic

Travel Coaches - Girls 2020-21

G09U Blue - Joe DeSario
G10U Blue - Jefferson Dargout
G10U Green - Dave van der Linden
G11U Blue - Josh Karasinski
G13U Blue - Kristen Hubright
G14U Blue -  Tom Ochs
G18U Blue - Brent Colling

Premier Tryouts


2020-21 Premier Tryouts have concluded

Premier Coaches

Premier Coaches - Boys  2020-21

12U Bridge - Andrew Bonacci   Team Season Plan
15U/16U Mixed teamMatthias Finke  Team Season Plan
17U/18U Mixed team - 
Dave Jarvis  
Team Season Plan

Premier Coaches - Girls  2020-21

11U Bridge - Mike Drechsler
12U Bridge - Drew Bielemeier
13U - 
Clay Carpenter    Team Season Plan
14U/15U Mixed team - Mike Graves   Team Season Plan
15U/16U Mixed team - Matthias Finke   Team Season Plan
17U - Kent Brown   Team Season Plan

18U - 
Scott Brown/Jesse Myers    
Team Season Plan