common questions

Where shall fans sit? - The Lakefront Classic Showcase conforms to RDYSL rules for fan seating. FANS SHALL SIT ON THE SAME SIDE OF THE FIELD AS THEIR TEAM. (THAT IS, TEAMS SHALL BE ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THE FIELD FROM EACH OTHER). The team designated as the Home Team shall have choice of sideline. The rule SHALL NOT apply to LSC Complex Boulter Field at 865 Publishers Parkway, WCSD Stadium Field at 1700 Boulter Industrial Pkwy, and Webster Thomas HS at 800 Five Mile Line Rd . At these venues fans SHALL NOT enter the field and shall sit in separate stands opposite their team.

Parking  - The rule – park in the parking lots at all fields. At many of the venues Webster Police, Parking Personnel, and Tournament Security will be directing traffic. Parking is prohibited on Webster streets during the Tournament (this includes Publisher’s Pkwy, Basket Road and Boulter Industrial Parkway. Due to the expected number of fans, Webster Police will be on hand and will TICKET any vehicle parked on the street, along a facility or school driveway or in a “No Parking” or “No Stopping” zone or parked on a grass surface (warnings will not be given). Also, cars will not be allowed to stop along any of the driveways of the Lakefront Soccer Complex, Lakefront Park, or Basket Road fields to discharge passengers – this creates a safety hazard and back up – All cars will be instructed to park in lots before discharging passengers. Although there should be sufficient parking at the Lakefront Complex and Thomas High School, additional parking is available at Willink Middle School (900 Publisher’s Pkwy). We do expect the lot at the Basket Road Fields to fill up. When the Basket lot fills, we will close it and direct cars to park BEHIND the Paychex building (adjacent to the fields to the north).
CLICK HERE for alternative routes for Lakefront Park and Basket Rd fields.

Restricted Items - Alcohol, tobacco, grills, and pets are not allowed on Tournament grounds.