Lakefront SC Academy

Lakefront Soccer Academy  08U - 11U

Lakefront Soccer Academy provides supplemental training for boys and girls 08U - 11U (birth years 2013 - 2010), who are in a Travel Soccer Program and does not need to be affiliated with our club.  The Academy consists of three blocks of 6 sessions that run during the winter months. Each session runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

  •   In blocks one and two, the objectives are to introduce and promote player development through technical training and the importance of technique as it applies to the game. The third block will add the component of simple decision making within the game.
  •   In each session we start with a fun activity which helps with developing the motor skills children need at this stage of their physical development.
  •   Players in the program will receive high level training directly from our coaching staff. All three blocks are located inside the Lakefront Indoor Complex at 865 Publishers Parkway in Webster NY. Each player also receives an Academy Training t-shirt. 



1.     Speed and coordination/First touch

2.     Agility/Ball mastery

3.     Change of direction/Running with the ball/1v1 moves

4.     Balance/ 1v1 to goal/Finishing

5.     Simple plyometric /Ball striking/Finishing

6.     Core strength/ Ball striking/volleys, and ½ volleys/Finishing


1.     Speed and coordination/ Passing and receiving/preparation /accuracy

2.     Agility/ 2 touch passing/Keeping the game simple

3.     Change of direction/ learning how to play the ball in the air/receiving balls that are in the air

4.     Balance/ How to control the ball and pass using different parts of the foot

5.     Simple plyometric/ turning

6.     Core strength/Finishing from close range


1.     Speed and coordination/ simple combination play

2.     Agility/2v2

3.     Change of direction/ 3v2  

4.     Balance/ changing the angle of the pass/3v3

5.     Simple plyometric/ 3v3 +1

6.     Core strength/ Dutch 4v4