Enhanced Development Program

Enhanced Development Program (EDP) is a program for 12U - 19U that develops and enhances players technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of the game.  By placing them in small groups, more opportunities are created to challenge their skill and decision making. 

EDP is the third practice for our Premier teams. It gives current travel players the ability to sign up and pay to join the program. This is our most advanced training program lakefront offers. Our objectives are:

  • To give opportunities for our travel players the ability to train with our premier players
  • To give our premier player to add a third training session during the winter
  • To give players who play at other clubs to get extra training
  • To give players the ability to be trained by different experienced USSF licensed coaches at Lakefront

This year there will be an emphasis on 1st touch and ball striking. The process starts with a proper 1st touch that gives the player the ability to strike a better ball.

 “After evaluating our program this past season, and speaking with some of our coaches, one of the major areas of improvement need to be in the area of ball striking”, replies DOC Jesse Myers.

 It starts at the younger ages, but ball striking can always be improved throughout a player’s career. Striking the ball properly is not only about scoring goals but effects passing. By using the proper surface of the foot, the weight of how we strike a ball and where we decide to play the ball are all functions of execution. Inevitably, the byproduct of improvement in this area will mean a more aesthetic style of play and more goals.

The program is set up into three separate blocks of 6 sessions each.  The first block will concentrate on technical aspect of the game.  The second block will focus on attacking principles.  The third block will use all skills and knowledge learned and apply it in small sided games.

Lakefront SC Premier Coaches will be facilitating the sessions, as each bring their expertise to the trainings.  The Premier team players utilize this training as their third weekly training session.

Lakefront Travel team players are encouraged to add this additional training to further develop and enhance their skills.  The cost per Block is $139.00.   Save money and register for all three blocks at once and only pay $359.00!

This program is also open to any Premier/Travel Players outside of our Lakefront members.