Fundamental First

Fundamental First Training

This program is for those recreational players who want extra training at the 08U - 11U level (2013 - 2010 birth years).

Fundamental First Training is a structured training session that will emphasize the technical aspect of the game. Developing specific soccer techniques and skills are essential for this age group.

Each session will have a component that works on developing basic motor skills. Players running, cutting and changing direction with the ball at their feet will be an important part of Fundamental First Training, as well as developing a player’s reaction and acceleration without the ball.

The main areas of concentration that our coaches will be teaching is: Ball control and first touch, passing and receiving, dribbling, running with the ball, 1v1, shooting, turning, shielding, crossing and finishing.

The players will be put in a learning environment that is based on fun competitions, small group activities, individual training and small sided games.

We want our players leaving the sessions with soccer specific exercises they can take home and practice, a smile on their face and most importantly… wanting more!