Travel 08U - 12U

Travel 08U - 12U

Lakefront Soccer Club Classic Travel Soccer 08U - 12U (Birth Years 2013 - 2009)


Travel Program 08U - 12U (Birth year 2013 - 2009)  Lakefront Soccer Club will start our Travel 08U - 12U  age groups in the fall.  Their season will start in early September (the week after Labor Day) and continue until mid-July.  All Lakefront SC teams particiate in our Lakefront Classic Showcase.  Families are required to commit to a two hour volunteer slot tournament weekend.  Tasks and times are assigned by team.

Here are Lakefront Soccer Clubs objectives for extending the season:

  •          To gives kids the ability to have more outdoor training times and games
  •          To take full advantage of the weather in Rochester during September and October
  •          To help the process of player development. Soccer is traditionally an outdoor game, so having the extra six weeks will help in player development
  •          To make use of adequate space, which in turn; allows coaches to work on parts of the game that are more restrictive when training indoors
  •          To extend our playing season, so we don’t have such a large window of time between touches with the ball
  •          To give players the ability to play a few more matches in a stress free, learning environment where development is the objective. Training and playing in our “Fall Friendlies Series (a series of scrimmages played against clubs with like objectives) will help enhance our program for boys/girls at this level.

Travel Club Fee ($605.00) is due as follows:

  •          Registration fee of $30.00 due at the time of tryouts.
  •          Payment plan of six installments offered.
  •          Payments received after due date will incur a $25.00 late fee.
  •          Auto Recurring Billing 

Included in the Club Fee:

  •          Fall Friendly/Scrimmage dates
  •          State of the art indoor training facility
  •          Top notch outdoor training fields
  •          RDYSL League Fees, Referee Fees, NYSWYSA Insurance Fees
  •          Goalkeeper Training
  •          Indoor Futsal options during the indoor training months



Classic Adidas Uniform Package: (Not included in Club Fee)

  •         Two jerseys - home & away (navy & green)
  •         One short (navy) & one pair of socks (navy)
            Cost: $120 (Cash or check to Lakefront Soccer Club)


All Lakefront SC teams participate in our Lakefront Classic Showcase


Lakefront SC is not responsible for cancellations due to Acts of God or circumstances beyond our control.


Below are answers to commonly asked questions

1.      What will we do if our son/daughter plays a fall spo
Answer: The soccer schedule will allow plenty of time for families to have family fall activities and/or participate in other sports.

2.      How is this all relative to the U11’s and U 12’s?

 Answer: These age groups need a “bridge” or introduction into the longer season that occurs at age 13 (Modified and/or HS soccer). By adding the fall season, it will help girls/boys ease into a far more hectic school soccer season at age 13. 

3.      Will these teams have the same opportunities as they have had in the past?
Answer: We feel that with the introduction of the fall season, everyone involved will have the ability for greater opportunity. The addition of “Fall Friendlies” is just one example of the added opportunity.

4.      At what age will there be Premier teams?
Answer: Lakefront believes that U11 is the appropriate age to implement official Premier teams. We believe that the players in our U7-U10 program will have an appropriate number of sessions for their age. (Over 50 sessions prior to the start of the RDYSL season). We anticipate our U11 Premier teams to play in the NYSWYSA Thruway league; however this will be assessed on a team by team basis.

5.      Who will coach these teams?
Answer: Coaches who are invested in the development of the kids. LSC will help coaches by providing  coaching education as well as a curriculum to follow for the season. 

6.      How are teams selected when there are multiple teams in an age group?

Answer: We look to select teams of like ages as well as like ability. We hold tryouts at the end of each season, and for those who have been in our travel program the previous season, we have a good understanding of where there placement will be the following season. Teams are selected by level of ability.  On the occasion,LSC Director of Coaching and staff have the ability to adjust teams by moving players to a more advanced team if the move is in the best interest of the players development before the RDYSL roster freeze. Age groups with multiple teams will be classified as Blue, Green and White in order to be placed in the correct division at RDYSL. Blue teams are our more advanced teams.