Thruway League

5/20/2020 - Update Letter to Thruway League members and participants

May 20, 2020

To:  Thruway League Members and Participants

From:  Thruway League Board of Directors

Yesterday the league Board of Directors convened to review the options for the 2020 season.  The decision was made to cancel the 2020 Thruway League Season.  Our rationale for this decision included the following key points.

  • While New York State (NYS) has specified recreational sports can proceed once any state region reaches Phase 4 of the NYS Return to Business process, they have not yet provided any direction as to what, if any, phased distancing requirements might apply once reaching Phase 4.  Without that information we cannot adequately plan for what return to play would look like.

  • Each region within NYS may likely reach Phase 4 at a different time.  Given that our league encompasses 5 regions, the logistics of scheduling games would be impractical.

League members and participating teams can proceed on their own to schedule friendly games amongst themselves if they choose to do so provided they ensure that they comply with whatever NYS and/or Federal Government regulations apply upon being allowed to return to play.

The Board of Directors is evaluating an updated refund policy which will be announced shorty.


Thruway League Board of Directors